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Rollins Ranch is a prime example of natural Florida where there is a diverse plant community. Tree species include long-leafed and slash pine, live oaks, and a various assortment of palms. Understory species of blue-stem grasses and native weeds make up an excellent habitat for small mammals and an eclectic mix of reptiles. We will continue to support its holistic approach to wildlife and plant management for many years to come.

The ability of Rollins Ranch to sustain such a large herd of cattle is derived from the careful management of our grassland. Due to the temperate climate here, our pastures are abound with Aeschynomene, Bahia Grass, Callie Grass, Clover, Native Grass, Pangola Grass, Stargrass and Hermarthria Grass. By effective management, our pastures are insusceptible to overgrazing.
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